MASCA   Maritime Atlantic Swing Club Association
MASCA was designed to join and promote swing clubs in the Maritime-Atlantic region of Canada.

Acquired Taste
Acquired Taste
Since 1994, Acquired Taste has been hosting meet and greets, off-premise parties for like-minded people (over the age of 19) to gather and make connections with other fun loving couples. Hosted by Swingers for Swingers!

Maritime Party Info
Maritime Party Info
The Purpose of this site is to provide one place where you can obtain information about the various Lifestyle events taking place in the Maritimes and contacts for the various sponsoring groups.

If you are looking for conventions, we are the place to look!
Find all large swinger conventions in North America here!!
  North American Swing Club Association
NASCA is not a swing club and does not offer swing activities, which are the province of the swing clubs, publications and organizations which NASCA represents. NASCA's function is to promote swinging as an enjoyable social recreation and lifestyle, provide information on swinging, clubs, magazines, conventions, travel and events to members, and to assist swing organizations to succeed through education and knowledge.